Pokemon Go home options expand to cover a refreshed Community Day


Niantic has already been shaking up Pokemon Go so it can function better at home, but changes to coming to the usual monthly Community Day this April 25th take things even further. We’ve already been teased about upcoming features, such as raiding from home both soon and after social distancing, but upcoming buddy changes that bring us gifts and goods is only part of what will affect the Abra Community Day. Rather than be harried by a three-hour event, players will have six hours. And instead of dealing with lured Pokestops lasting just three hours, players will find incense will be the focus for community day (and on April 15th too).

We’ll also have some sort of paid quest for Abra day as an experiment for enhancing the Community Day experience going forward, costing only a few dollars depending on your local currency, but there will also be a new item from a separate package purchase: an Elite Charged TM.

We’ve already been told about these and their Fast TM equivalent coming as PvP end of season rewards, but adding them to Community Day makes them more accessible. Unlike regular TMs, Elite TMs allow you to choose any move that a Pokemon can learn in that category, both past and present, including from raid days or past community days. This allows people who already evolved good Pokemon or caught good ones outside event windows to not feel as if they’ve “wasted” or “missed out” on Pokemon.

Making the Charged version available instead of the Fast version (as Alakazam will be learning the Fast Move “Counter” during this event) makes little sense, but Niantic certainly is making more progress than missteps in general these days – and it’s surely making more money with the additional content options we’ve been seeing too.


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At first I thought Pokemon Go Home was a new game.


They’re doing good on helping the home bound. I wish they’d increase the range of Pokestop, but at least we have a new raid pass system to let you get nearby gyms. They squeeze a buck out of a for it.

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Yeah, I mean 2x range on gyms is good, but why not include pokestops too? In fact, they did change it so that pokestops now look usable at twice the normal range (just like gyms), but in fact the normal range applies, which is annoying.

Also, while I really appreciate some of the changes Niantic’s made, remote raid passes sound pretty lame – you’ll do less damage, only a limited number of remote raiders are supported, and I’m not sure it’s known if we will get free remote passes? I think there’s still room for some improvement :-)