Starbase shares work on buzzsaws, mining ships, and railguns blowing things apart


The past five weeks of Starbase development have been busy, and as is always the case, the folks at Frozenbyte have fastidiously shared their progress reports, no matter how great or small the updates are. You will know everything. Every single individual piece that goes into the sausage. At a molecular level. Everything.

For example, the game’s buzzsaw tool now appropriately flings sparks everywhere when in use as well as adjustments to its damage values. On the more aggressive side of things there are looks at plasma turret effects and railguns dealing structure damage, while the passive side of the game has seen new large asteroids as well as a look at a a new mining ship. And, of course, there are a whole bunch of flashy new signs interspersed throughout each week’s update. Speaking of things to look at, there’s also a gallery of previously unpublished materials.

For those looking to keep score on every. Single. Thing. Happening in Starbase, it’s in your best interest to follow along with the relevant forum. Before you do, though, here’s a time lapse of a single day cycle at the Eos 222 station.

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