Twin Saga updates for spring with a pirate invasion of Alfenheim

Take that, Sea of Thieves!

It turns out that pirates can kinda be jerks sometimes. The newest storyline in Twin Saga is all about how a bunch of pirates are sweeping into Trade Fjord, a trade port controlled by Alfenheim and one of the two new zones added with the update. Of course, there are bigger concerns than just scruffy guys with skull bandanas moving into town, and as the story brings players along you’ll also be exploring the other new zone of Elven Valley.

Players ultimately get access to the Shadow Cavern dungeon as well, which brings you on a course to confront the Great Ancient Gods that are lurking within this pirate-occupied cave. There’s also a new Senshi quest for players to undertake as well as Easter and spring events, so you’ll have something on the lighter side after you work your way through the latest story beats. It’s a pretty big patch, all things considered, although pirates might feel unfairly stereotyped.

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