Animal Crossing: New Horizons will get new events, returning characters, and an art wing of the museum


Why are we reporting on Animal Crossing: New Horizons on this site? Because we can’t hear you complaining about how this game isn’t massively multiplayer from the distant ocean aboard our golden yacht. Also because this multiplayerish game is getting a whole lot of new content, including some fresh events, returning NPCs, a new section for the museum, and some new items.

This coming Thursday, April 23rd, will see the new update land to the game, which sees Leif the sloth return with plants to buy including all-new bush plants. Blathers’ museum is also getting an expansion in the form of an art wing, which can be fed through donations purchased by another returning character by the name of Redd the fox, who will now be arriving to player islands via boat to sell artwork and furnishings.

Incidentally, this new update also kicks off a Nature Day event that runs between April 23rd and May 4th, which will feature Nook Miles rewards for completing nature-themed challenges. The events don’t stop there: May 1st through the 7th will see the May Day Tour arrive with a special one-time use May Day Ticket to visit a special island; May 18th through the 31st celebrates International Museum Day with museum stamp challenges to earn in-game rewards; and the entire month of June will celebrate Wedding Season, where players can visit Harvey’s Island to take anniversary photos and get wedding-themed items.

Can’t get enough Animal Crossing? Neither can Andrew, so make sure to check out his impressions of the game and read his explanation on why MMO players would love it. Seriously, hear him out.

source: Twitter via Polygon

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I’ve been playing Animal Crossing so much that I have had to play on the TV because my battery keeps dying. I support you guys continuing to write about this game UwU


This game is just adorable and fun, and multiplayer enough – keep writing about it!
I had no idea these updates were coming, also stoked.


It was kinda obvious for old-time players, actually, because without them ACNH would be only half the game ACNL was; even with the new update it’s still missing a lot, which is supposed to be added back during the rest of the year. What Nintendo wants to do — and they clearly announced that before the game launched — is add an unavoidable real world time gating to prevent time-travelers from seeing — and posting everywhere — all the cool stuff long before regular players have a chance to see them for themselves.

Michael Fuchs

So stoked