Classic Guild Wars is turning 15 years old with a party, new gear, and a Guild Wars 2 gift


Let’s talk about Guild Wars – classic Guild Wars, that is, one of the most beloved MMOs among veterans in our genre, assuming you agree it’s actually an MMO to begin with, and we won’t be fighting about that here. The game is turning 15 years old next week, which means ArenaNet is prepping for some celebration – with a bit of actual content.

“Log in to the original Guild Wars starting April 22 and enjoy the anniversary celebration at Embark Beach. The Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith’s inventory has been reinforced with the Anniversary set, containing weapons with familiar looks but previously unavailable attribute requirements. Additionally, at the Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith, heroes can acquire a Proof of Triumph. Carrying this relic will cause an extra enemy group and boss to appear in four late-game maps—fight your way to them, and be sure to bring a Signet of Capture along to acquire a new PvE-only elite skill for each profession! If you miss this year’s celebration, don’t worry—the Proof of Triumph will continue to work when the festival ends so you can adventure with a friend to seek out the new skills.”

The studio’s also talking up a store item sale – beginning tomorrow – and free gifts inside Guild Wars 2 (spoiler: It’s a haircut kit). And the devs will be streaming the festivities on April 28th.

We took a dip into the game a few years back to show it the love it deserves!


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170 comments on the guild wars reddit thread about 10 new skills. This game is the greatest and the fans know it. I haven’t been this excited about a game in almost 10 years.


Actually the GW2 haircut token is nice, because it allows you to choose styles that aren’t included at character generation. This will let me re-style the last of my characters with the particularly nice sylvari ‘do.

Hikari Kenzaki

I feel like the free haircut is a dig at everyone complaining they can’t get one because of social distancing. I’m okay with that.

Kickstarter Donor

spoiler: It’s a haircut kit

I am super alright with this! I need more, it’s been a while since I last updated my characters hairstyle.

Though whoa, new skill in GW1? Damn, they’re doing a swell job of randomly updating their maintenance mode MMO with pleasant surprises like this from time to time.

Patreon Donor

this is awesome!


New skills!?!?!? I’m in!