Destiny 2’s inaugural Guardian Games event is officially live


Last week we alerted you to the Guardian Games, the all-new event in Destiny 2 that pits Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans against one another in a competition for points, bragging rights, and shiny loot. Consider this, then, your starting gun letting you know that the Games are officially underway.

As we mentioned before, the goal is to complete daily challenges for points, which can be turned in to a podium at the Tower for rewards including class-specific items and a new exotic weapon among other rewards. This, effectively, is the same information we shared earlier, but this time around the event-specific help section has gotten some new details about the event, and the devs have shared some of their insights in making the Guardian Games happen, which was put together in a new video we’ve embedded below.

Just a reminder, the event will wrap in three weeks’ time on Tuesday, May 12th. Good luck, play fair, and go Titans.

source: press release

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