Last Oasis declares that cheaters will not be tolerated within the game

Well, maybe there's another oasis where they like cheaters.

If you decide to cheat in Last Oasis, the developers do not like you. No, not if you’re just testing it out. No, not if you’re sorry you got caught. The latest post from the development team confirms that they’ve banned a triple-digit number of cheaters from the game and are dedicated to eradicating anyone who cheats from the servers or anyone who benefits from cheating as well.

Yes, that one is intentionally far-reaching. If you belong to a clan that has cheaters within it, the clan will be wiped out along with its belongings. If one of your sibling clans has cheaters within it? Same deal. The intent is obviously to create a culture wherein no one even wants to risk being associated with cheating, as the risks far outweigh the benefits. But the important thing here is to not cheat and not make friends with people who cheat. Oh, and to check out the latest improved wingsuit if you have not been cheating. (Cheaters don’t get to watch videos, either.)

Source: Steam
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