Ship of Heroes launches an invasion event test with Riot at the Arches


One of my favorite memories in the classic City of Heroes game was the launch of the Rikti Invasion, which saw Atlas Park get assaulted by waves of Rikti invaders. It would appear that Ship of Heroes is looking to recapture a bit of that magic with the Riot at the Arches, a surprise community event that saw alien invaders attack a spot in Apotheosis City.

The event invited players with a forum ID from the SoH forums to square off against increasingly difficult waves of foes, with mob difficulty scaled based on the number of people in the area along with some of the game devs on the scene to scale the difficulty on the fly if needed. The event itself is still in some very early stages of development — at one point the combination of powers going off caused the server to crash, and another Riot saw a boss monster kill everyone including the devs in God Mode — but the test already has yielded some results.

The Ship of Heroes devs now move on to the next phase of this event, which will include team XP and rewards, and involve more players and kick off more instances of the event. For now, you can get a look at this internal footage to see how things shook down, along with a gallery of images.

source: official site via press release


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Hikari Kenzaki

I missed the Riot test cause we were doing a D&D night. Looks fun though.

Dug From The Earth

Shadow boxing with blacklights.