Warframe talks event issues, railjack and archwing changes, and corrupted mods


YouTuber Quite Shallow had the opportunity to speak with Warframe lead designer Scott McGregor about a wide variety of topics about the multiplayer shooter, ranging from railjack and archwing matters to the problems with events and the new player experience to mods and other Frame-related stats.

The interview first opened up with discussion about Scarlet Spear and its issues with bugs, which seem to have been a problem with scale — testing worked fine, but when the larger playerbase was introduced to the update, things “fell apart,” as McGregor put it. One solution to prevent this from happening again that’s being worked on is increasing the size of the test server population.

The interview also talked about the railjack and what the team is looking to do for its rework of the content. According to McGregor, playing the railjack now gives a sense of the ship being “on fire” constantly. The design ethos going forward is to make the railjack more “arcade-y,” with quicker movement and lowered time to kill on enemies. There will also be further balance on building the thing in the first place. The archwing is getting some love as well, with balance work being done to all of the acrhwing’s powers and weapons and making it modular.

On the topic of corrupted mods, suggestions were offered in the interview about how to better guide players to where said mods are located. McGregor took the feedback in and explained that improving that experience would likely be the focus of a next “revisited” update much like they had done in the past.

These are only a few of the parts of this particularly dense interview, which also talks about guiding new players through the mod system, railjack damage types, and a whole lot more. You’ll find it all embedded below. As for Warframe’s current future, the current Nightwave: Intermission is coming to an end on May 3rd. The next Nightwave mission right now only has the title of Glassblower, but should introduce more interactive lore elements.

sources: YouTube, twitter (cheers sophiskiai!)


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They were planning to talk about many of the topics addressed in the video in a devstream last week, but that got postponed because Rebb’s cat of 16 years died :(

One thing I’m glad is in the video (though it was clearly a difficult conversation for most of those involved) is a discussion about how content creators play up the “hyperbolic angry rant” persona to entertain their audience, but watching this can have a serious impact on the mental health of the game’s developers and drive them away from watching that feedback.

The video’s discussion of Railjack and what’s being reworked sounds like it’ll bring it far closer to what I was originally hoping for, and gives me a lot more confidence in its future – Scott’s point about not wanting to add more mission variety until the gameplay foundations are solid and enjoyable actually makes a lot of sense.