World of Tanks begins early 10th birthday festivities, celebrates 160M registered players


Damn, somehow I hadn’t internalized quite how old World of Tanks is, but it’s true: It’s been just about nine years since the game launched here in the West. Come August, the game will be turning 10 in Russia. And ahead of that, Wargaming is dropping a multi-month anniversary festival for fans of the game.

“Wargaming is pleased to announce that World of Tanks is starting the official celebration of its 10th anniversary. Running across four months, the anniversary celebrations will give players a plethora of surprises to get involved in – including several exciting thematic activities, throwbacks and missions, culminating in a big event in August. Since its inception 10 years ago, World of Tanks has released thousands of features, unleashed hundreds of events, launched 11 nations and 600 vehicles, and garnered over 160 million registered players globally in the process. Thanks to the ardent support of its close-knit community, the game has been recognized in other ways too, with 4 Golden Joystick award wins and a Guinness World Record for the most players simultaneously logged on to an MMO server.”

The first of five “thematic Acts” will begin tomorrow, April 22nd, with events and prizes – and the “return of general chat […] for Random Battles only, allowing players to rediscover the ability to sow mischief in game.”

Source: Press release

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Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

Nice to see them still being active. Regardless of the changes they did, this game is still fun to play for many people, regardless of the age, since it does not require fast reactions like in FPS games or even MMORPG games with PvP, and you do not even need to spend any real life currency on premium tanks, I had plenty of fun simply by playing regular tanks. It is still largely a team game, so even if you have a premium tank with good armor values and good armor angling and you load most expensive ammo – you will lose if your team sucks and the opposite is also true, this is what I have seen in every game round.

And it is a perfect example for everyone how PvP multiplayer game can be done right and stay very popular and very profitable, unfortunately many narrow-minded people will continue spouting nonsense like “PvP games do not sell” by only using examples of very poorly designed games ;-)