APB Reloaded shows off a video of the engine upgrade beta test

Or: What it looks like when 15 streamers are in one place


Over the weekend, developer Little Orbit held a beta test for the new-and-improved engine upgrade of APB Reloaded with 15 streamers duking it out among each other in a firefight.

The test mostly took place in what looked like a PvP battleground location where players had to control points. Most of the action was from the perspective of a streamer by the name of SKay, though it should give folks a general idea of what the oft-discussed Unreal Engine update looks like so far.

The video then went in to an interview segment with Little Orbit CEO Matthew Scott which discussed a variety of things related to the engine upgrade. According to Scott (as referenced in a post on the official forum), the new engine should be live to APB Reloaded at some point before mid-summer, along with a merging of social districts on PC and console, new contacts, an EMP grenade, and improved car physics. You can check out the (apparently) edited video below.


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The importance of decent character graphics: this is the only 3+ years old game which I still play semi-actively (for 7+ years actually).

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Oh cool! A few friends and I finally gave this game a try like a month ago. We had a blast but it could use this graphic update.