Blade & Soul launches the Steel Uprising patch today

Robot robot robot.

Bad news, Blade & Soul players, you are going to once again be fighting robots. This is a challenge. Reports indicate that robots are made of steel, which is quite strong. (Whether or not they run on old people’s medication is not yet known.) Still, if you want to get through the new Steelbreaker raid with today’s Steel Uprising patch, you will need to put these robots down with all the strength you can muster, and maybe get a few nice trinkets while you’re at it.

The patch also brings with it the new Honing Oil system, allowing you to acquire Honing Oils, refine them, and then trade the refined forms in for more items. There are also two new events with the Awakened Raid event and Springtime Training, which should keep you occupied during and after the fight against the aforementioned robots. Check out the full set of patch notes to find out all the things you can get up to with the latest update, but be on the watch for those robots.

Live now!


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