H1Z1 extends its PlayStation 4 season by two weeks while cycling in new Arcade challenges

I guess? All right?

Maybe you can’t remember which name it’s going by at this point, but H1Z1 is still trucking along on the PlayStation 4, and it even has a new patch out today. That’s good! Slightly less good is the fact that said patch extends its current season by two weeks up to June 3rd, but that comes along with new weekend Arcade challenges to take on which will offer bonus Season experience through the end of May.

Players can also look forward to a sale on Chaos, Apocalypse, and Arsenal crates in the in-game store, with the crates due to be retired after the sale ends on April 30th. Last but not least, all daily challenges should now be updating correctly on the game’s Z2 map, thus helping to keep everything on an even keel. If you’ve been fond of the game and look forward to more reasons to keep on shooting other players.

Remember when this game was about surviving zombies? We don’t either.

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