The Division 2’s latest update adjusts some exotics and adds exotic reconfiguration


Ah, the exotic item. The most shimmery of shiny loot. It’s an endorphin injector when you get a great drop and a staggering disappointment when you get one that has bad stats. The Title Update 9 of The Division 2, which rolled out earlier this week, is seeking to perhaps mitigate the sting of the latter or enhance the good feelings of the former with the ability to reconfigure exotics.

Changing an exotic is a matter of bringing it to the crafting bench, where the exotic can be leveled up to 40 if you have the appropriate crafting bench and its stats can be re-rolled. Simply pick up a Reconfigure Blueprint for your exotic and have the materials needed ready to go.

In addition to the ability for players to adjust their exotics, certain exotic items are being tweaked on their own with this patch. Specifically, Sawyer’s Kneepads now stop players from being staggered by explosions and increase weapon damage by 3% for each second you’re not moving up to a maximum of 10 stacks, and the Diamondback shotgun now grants all shots guaranteed crits for five seconds after hitting a mark. Neither update stops these items from looking goofy as hell, though.

There have also been adjustments to a number of Talents, named items, the True Patriot gear set, and some assault rifles, as well as reduced difficulty for several missions and some tweaks to enemies and their weapons. All of the details are outlined in the patch notes, while some more details about exotic reconfiguration have their own little article.


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Hmm. Didn’t play either of the Divisions yet, but given how both D1 and D2 are on sale at the moment, now seems like a good time. I’m just not sure which to throw my wallet at. Can anyone suggest what I would be best to go with, D1 plus expacs, or just base D2? (WoNY doesn’t seems to be in the sale.)


D1 has better setting, better animations, better story + superb expansion (Underground) – and overall is a much better game. Ubisoft screwed up with D2.

Dug From The Earth

I enjoyed both equally. They both have their good and bad elements, and for me, it pretty much equals out.

I am currently playing Division 2, however.

Kickstarter Donor

D1 is a much better game with a much better story, setting, balance, and gameplay options.


I recently tried D2 and gave up on it within a few hours. Ran into some sort of nasty bug which support refused to acknowledge or help with. Completed a settlement mission to unlock an NPC. Settlement and mission showed as ‘Completed’ and fully green on the map. But, the NPC was nowhere to be found. And the station the NPC was supposed to open up was not active either.

Thing is about the NPC is that they were supposed to be in place even before the mission, just not active. Looked up online and could see where the NPC was supposed to be. What a mess.

So, money back in wallet. Won’t ever do a game from these people again. Should have known better than to trust Ubisoft. Never again.

Kickstarter Donor

Recently came back to the game after picking up WoNY and enjoying it a ton…and then the patch hit and it’s made me start digging into the game more and seeing how widespread the core issues are…massive balance issues across the board (gear, skills, enemies etc.), a apparently total lack of in-game economy (not talking about trading even, just stuff to do with in game crafting mats and currency), changes that make no sense…like the hard nerf to the M1A classic that they’re thankfully reverting.

It’s overpowered compared to other guns and that’s why everyone uses it, but it’s not the gun that’s the issue. The underlying issues are more than most other weapons aren’t great in comparison and that the protection it offers by allowing you to pop up and dish out a few quick big damage headshots before enemies shred you, compared to just about any other weapon/weapon type that requires you to sit out of cover for far longer to do comparable damage and leaves you far too open to getting rekt by enemies that deal tons of damage and have insane blindfire accuracy. The underlying problem is why everyone uses the damn thing.

I feel like I’ve got whiplash because I went from massively in love with the game to being super annoyed with Massive as developers in the span of a few days. I really need to never pull the curtains back and just enjoy myself more.

At least when the game isn’t asking me to clear out 3 missions to unlock a stronghold needed for a daily project on reset day…and then not complete it anyways because I’d need to run the stronghold AGAIN to kill enough named dudes to finish it. So, so, so, so many issues that are painfully apparent and obvious for anyone playing the game with any regularity that I guess have just been sitting here since launch. I never noticed them before, though I wasn’t paying much attention, but not that I’ve started noticing them the game is getting grimier and grimier : (

The patch was kinda a mess for them, and the community seems justifiably unhappy with it. I feel bad for the devs to a point, but at the same time I look at their decisions for this patch (and earlier) and feel like the community frustrating is extremely well deserved.

It feels while TD2 and D2 had slightly better launches than their first installments (especially TD2), that they’ve both functionally been a repeat of the first titles – rife with problems that the developers are slow to address and appear to rarely ever learn from. And the worst part is both TD1 and D1 were in a pretty solid spot by the end of things and would likely be far superior games than their sequels if the teams stuck by them and kept supporting them.

Boy that was a lot of words. Thanks for sticking around for my TED talk, I wish I knew what it was about.

Dug From The Earth

At its heart, its a great game, but like you said, there are some core issues that must be fixed.

For me, the 2 that bug me even when im enjoying playing with my friends:

1. Crafting is absolutely worthless. There is zero reason to craft anything. Adjusting stats on your gear, yes, but crafting items from scratch… nope.

2. There is very little choice at end game for the types of builds to play. With one exception. There are TONS of builds to play if you stick with normal or hard mode only. But if you want to bump up the difficulty higher, you are stuck basically with slight variations of the following:

– Pure DPS build. You forgo everything except for damage. Weapon damage, crit, crit damage. Thats it. Glass cannon. Melt the enemy before they can hurt you. And it works. You can do the harder game modes and melt enemies so fast that its ridiculous.

– Skill based healing and support. Most good teams require at least one of these. Someone who can pop heals often, and heals that pretty much instantly fill you back up to max. Doing this however means that their damage output will be next to nothing.

Thats it. Those 2 build types when paired up and geared up well, will get you through everything. Every so often you will see a “Tank” build, someone who can take damage and stay standing…. this can work, but it dramatically lowers the speed at which you can go through a mission or take out an objective. Pure damage, the ability to kill before being killed, is king in this game right now… and its just disappointing.

Trying to make a skill based damage build? Have fun with it in hard mode, but anything higher than that and you will seriously fall behind the curve of the pure DPS weapon builds. Enjoy your ability to only do about 33% of the damage that the DPS build is doing just shooting their assault rifle. (stats at the end of missions confirm this over and over)

Weapon types? Pretty much the one that lets you crit easily and the most often. Why? Because of the passive buffs and bonuses you can get when you crit. When you crit, its not just about seeing bigger damage, its about getting a hefty temporary damage buff FROM doing the crit, that stacks with other buffs. Sniper rifles? Forget about it. Shotguns? Pretty much the same.

Devs have done a horrible job at balancing the weapon types and gear stats to the point of making most options in the end game, completely not viable.