Warframe is taking submissions to expand its test server population


Well, that was quick. Mere days after the game’s lead designer talked about expanding the test server in an interview, the devs of Warframe have opened up an opt-in lottery for players who want to join in the PTS.

According to the announcement post, there are a number of rules to be considered, including mastery of the English language, the ability to use the game’s forums, having an account in good standing, and having a Steam account, as PTS keys will be redeemable on Steam. As for the test’s focus, they are fixated on revisions to the game’s railjack spaceship. The players who get selected will be from a random draw as well as from a pool of “a few select players with pre-existing knowledge of the upcoming changes.”

The pool of new players will run between 100 and 500 people initially, which perhaps leaves the door open for further PTS population expansion in the future. For now, those who want to join in will need to do so quickly — submissions will be closed today at 6:00 p.m. EDT.


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Looked at the forum post, immediately wondered if those replying “Count me in” instead of “Count me in.” are disqualified for lack of attention to detail.