Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ multiplayer economy suffers a major hit thanks to a closed store


In spite of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ multiplayer scope not being larger than eight players in a single in-game island, the wider world of players is vast, as are the resources and communal activities that players can participate in if they want to.

This is no better illustrated than with the game’s Stalk Market, which as we’ve described before is the activity of buying turnips on Sunday to perhaps sell for higher prices on other players’ islands later in the week. It’s a significant money maker and has expanded into its own sort of monster — there’s even an exchange website for those who want to take the Stalk Market seriously.

On average, the price for turnips sees a major jump on Wednesdays, which finally brings us to the point of this story: Players of the Stalk Market have hit a moment of panic as many were not able to sell their turnips yesterday due to Nook’s Cranny — the only NPC store that buys turnips — being shut down.

The Nook’s Cranny location upgrades after 30 days of being built, and since most players have been playing ACNH dutifully since launch, a wide swath of people saw yesterday’s projected leap in profits get dashed on the rocks due to the store being closed. Considering many buy huge bundles of turnips, this represents a significant profit hit for the week.

Speaking of ACNH multiplayer economic news, the matter may further be exacerbated by today’s new update, which not only added features like returning NPCs, an art museum, and Nature Day events and items, but also included an adjustment to the greater Bell economy announced via in-game letter. The letter explains that the interest rate of stored Bells will go down, which effectively means that players are going to be making a little bit less money as of this update.

source: Polygon (1, 2)

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Turnips are now worth less than barrels of oil?


I’m confused. What does this have to do with a multiplayer market/economy? Can players not just go to a different town where the store is not under construction. Surely every store was not built exactly 30 days ago.

Additionally, this appears to be an insular problem and not a multiplayer economic one.


You’re right in some ways. I think it’s because they get projected prices for what they will sell for on their own islands and that’s easy to see, where they don’t know or see what they will sell for elsewhere.

Although that outside website people go to, they list the price that turnips are being bought for on their islands that week. So it’s really not that big of an issue if people go to use something like that.

They just want to complain “This is the highest price ever this week on my island, and the store is closed!” But they certainly can go sell them on someone else’s’ island.


Turnip prices are different in every town, so with the vast majority of towns having their shops closed for a day on the day of the week that prices frequently spike, finding good turnip sell prices is much harder.

Of course it’s also true that there are a lot of time travelers in the turnip market anyway.