Lineage II launches the Dawn of Heroes update with your own ready-made homunculi

Dawn of something-or-other.

The latest update for Lineage II has arrived, and it brings with it the option to make your own homunculus to tag along beside you. It’s a pretty involved process, too; players have five different sorts of homunculi available, with each one having three grades, stat bonuses for communion, and an in-depth system for enhancement and improvement. And since they’re not real people, you don’t have to feel bad about destroying them until you get the one you want! That’s just science.

The update also brings in Imperial Tomb as a new time-limited Hunting Zone, adds the new War-Torn Plains Hunting Zone, and adjusts several facets of existing Hunting Zones along the way. Players can also vie for new items while getting used to the exhaustive set of balance tweaks, and players in the game’s Classic version have access to new starter packs when moving fresh into the game. Check out the full set of patch notes for the comprehensive rundown.


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