Lord of the Rings Online turns 13 years old, gives players a self-crisping pig, and releases Mists of Wilderland


What do you call a pig who’s toting a cart of active fireworks? A medieval bacon-making machine? Country celebration? Or the herald of an MMO’s 13th year of operation?

Perhaps it’s all three. Lord of the Rings Online is a legit teenager this week, celebrating 13 years since launch. This means the start of the game’s anniversary festival and another round of yearly giveaways. For 13-year accounts, the gift package includes a portrait, a mysterious celebration pig pet, and a “Baker’s Dozen” title. To get the most out of the anniversary event, check out FibroJedi’s guide.

The anniversary event coincides with the arrival of Update 26: Mists of Wilderland. This spring content update adds the Wells of Langflood zone, associated quests, and the start of the new Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves epic storyline. The zone quest pack is free for everyone through the end of the month, after which you’ll either need to buy it in the store or be a subscriber. Update 26 is also incorporating a fix to the game engine to improve performance.

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