Betawatch: Star Citizen gets a nice guide to everything not in its next alpha patch

Betawatch: Star Citizen gets a nice guide to everything not in its next alpha patch

So, the bad news for Star Citizen fans is that some features of its next major patch are being removed, and by “some” we mean “so many that there’s a visual guide to all of the things planned for this patch that will not be there.” Maybe they’re fixing a font or something. The good news is nothing. The cool fan news is a fan-made magazine. Sorted.

Let’s move on to other beta news, yes? Yes.

  • Shadow Arena is moving into full-on early access on May 21st. Finally, you have a chance to fight in the shadowiest of arenas. Hence the name.
  • Blue Protocol started up another round of testing, and it was popular, but perhaps less popular will be the bits of software checking currently in the test version. That one might come back to bite it.
  • APB Reloaded has an engine upgrade under development, and you can see how it’s rolling along in new footage if you’re eager to play it for yourself.
  • It looks like Magic Legends is going to have housing in its realm systems, but those realms will feature a little more than just a place to hang decorations. It also might be just a UI element. Maybe. It’s a bit vague.
  • Last but not least, Torchlight III definitely has forts. It’s even showing them off now.

Now, why don’t you go make yourself a mug of your favorite hot beverage and settle in for a whole list of games in testing just below? It should be fun for the family, if the family likes reading lists of games. And if something skipped to a new testing phase without us noticing, the family (you) can let us know in the comments!

As always, we consider an MMO to be in open testing if it features free, public signups and will server wipe prior to launch. An MMO is marked in closed testing if it’s running a private test phase that cannot freely be accessed by the general public; it’s usually under NDA as well. Early access and crowdfunded MMOs whose tests we deem legitimate will be included. So-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no sign of launch in the west, or limited interest for our readers will not be listed; we also do not list expansions, with occasional exceptions.

AdventureQuest 3D: Open beta
Arcfall: Pre-alpha
Ashes of Creation: Alpha one testing in May; Apocalypse early access has ended
Camelot Unchained: Closed beta one
Children of Ur: Open alpha, further development merged with Eleven
Crowfall: Backer pre-alpha, alpha now expected in 2020
Cube World: Closed beta since September 23rd
Dauntless: Open beta
Dark and Light: Early access
Dual Universe: Alpha
ECO: Early access
Eleven: Closed alpha
Elyon: Korean beta (fka Ascent Infinite Realm)
Ever, Jane: Open beta
Kurtzpel: Closed beta
Gloria Victis: Early access on Steam
Guardians of Ember: Open beta
Hearthstone Battleground Mode: Open beta
Inferna: Early access
Life is Feudal: Early access
Line of Defense: Early access, removed from Steam
Magic: Legends: Beta testing in 2020
New World: Closed alpha, launching May 2020
Occupy White Walls: Early access
Osiris: New Dawn: Open beta
Outlaws of the Old West: Early access
Pantheon: Backer pre-alpha
Pathfinder Online: Subscription “early enrollment”
Project Genom: Closed alpha, servers offline for restructuring with SpatialOS
Project Gorgon: Early access beta
Prosperous Universe: Early access
Saga of Lucimia: Closed alpha
SamuTale: Closed alpha
Ship of Heroes: Alpha
Star Citizen: Backer alpha
Temtem: Early access
The Black Death: Early access alpha
The Cycle: Alpha, weekly test cycle
The Repopulation: Early access alpha
Torchlight III: Closed alpha
Valiance Online: Alpha

Yes, MMO gamers, you too can perform the unpaid quality-control work otherwise known as game testing! Check out Massively Overpowered’s Betawatch every week for a run-down of MMOs that are still on the road to launch, even if they appear to have set up a permanent residence in a shed called early access.

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Oleg Chebeneev

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I see from the list that Camelot Unchained has convinced MOP that they’re in a beta, too, rather than the truth that they’re in an alpha state at best. MOP should really do a little research into the state of the game and consider reclassifying it as pre-alpha or alpha.

Bruno Brito

Isn’t the game under NDA?


Yep. But enough info is available to the public that it’s easy to see that it’s no beta. All that’s in testing is a few partially developed systems that don’t form any kind of cohesive whole. The developers are just calling it Closed Beta One because they’re not willing to admit exactly how far behind they are. Mark Jacobs did recently post on here that the NDA will be coming down soon, so things will be much more transparent soon. Maybe by that point, I’ll be proven wrong.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Regardless, I don’t see that as MOP’s call. The game is still in development and if the devs call it Closed Beta One, then MOP’s listing here is appropriate. You would have a point if the devs were claiming Gold State or Release State, or perhaps even Early Access. There’s a lot of grey area between the Prototype Stage of a game and and Public Beta Phase of a game.


Sadly I have to agree with you. NDA or not, the game’s “updates on open development” don’t seem to do it justice.

Kickstarter’s estimated delivery date was in Dec 2015, just only 2 years after it’s April 2013 funding….but still 5 years ago (from the initial funding it has been 7 years in). Funny thing is the backers believed in the dates given. Because this was Mark Jacobs. He made DAoC and Warhammer Online. He knew development time and could give a very, very accurate timeframe for release because….? Why?

Honestly we believed the words of MJ that it was EA’s fault for Warhammer Online’s mismanagement and poor direction/timing. Yet we have Camelot Unchained repeating similar patterns that is leaving a track record pointing to current parties. By that I mean WH:O was sold as a solid RvR with these ‘super awesome lake mechanics’ on whiteboards that honestly never came close to being produced in-game. Whiteboard fantasies, not 3D game realities. And here is CU doing nearly the exact same thing: whiteboard fantasies, not 3D game realities.

Do they have moving game islands, portals to a contestable demon filled dungeon realm, instanced resource gather node thingies, castles, keeps, player-controlled NPC vendors, crafting at all? These are all the fantasies that pulled us fans in. These are the things chased.

Throughout the years I’ve been back and forth with CU. Patience, no patience. Nothing. Something. But this year…well, it’s pushed buttons with MJ touting a completely different game made with the engine just to… repeat the same mantra over and over again: “We have the only engine that can have thousands upon thousands of …blah, blah, blah.” An engine without a game is just a tech demo. E3 is full of dreamers with tech demos that don’t produce same-game results (see Destiny, Aliens Colonial Marines, etc.).


Funny thing is the backers believed in the dates given.

Singular. Date given. Not dates.

The Kickstarter’s estimated delivery date was in Dec 2015, true, but after that big mistake, they haven’t given any date.


Maybe by that point, I’ll be proven wrong.

And that’s the issue with internet-doomsayers: They can say whatever they want, they can badmouth whoever they want — they bear no consequences for their words. I mean, what if you’re proven wrong? What then? Will you eat your hat?