EVE Online outlines timeline details and term limits for the next Council of Stellar Management

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is going to be changing in EVE Online, and not just because the 15th elections are planned. There will now be term limits for players wishing to join the player advocacy group, putting a maximum of three years on anyone joining the CSM followed by a one year cooldown before being eligible to run again.

“Serving on the CSM is not an easy task, and facing the realities of fast-paced game development for the universe we love can take its toll on even the most fearless pilots in New Eden. There is also an undeniable advantage to having a fresh perspective on things that comes with new members joining the Council. The desire is to create a system that incorporates the value of having new personas without penalizing those players who find fulfillment in serving on the CSM.”

The rule is not fully retroactive, but those who are part of CSM 14 will have one year counted to their service record. As for the 15th CSM, CCP will be taking submissions between April 27th and May 11th, with candidates announced on May 18th. From there until May 29th will be the campaign period, followed by voting between June 1st and 8th and the official winners announced on June 12th. Those interested in running for the CSM will also want to take note that a formal campaign forum post will be required among a number of other details.

In other EVE Online news, there’s a fresh economic report for March 2020 available for players to read, and a wrap-up of the Champions of Lowsec complete with an infographic that offers some stats from the melee.

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