Overwatch previews updates to queue times, the Workshop, and the communication wheel


While the Overwatch team has to work from home, that doesn’t mean they don’t have things planned for the multiplayer hero shooter, and director Jeff Kaplan has put out yet another dev update video talking all about some of the things that are in the works, most of which are quality-of-life.

First off, the team is working on refining the queue system, making it so those who are still waiting in line for a match after someone drops out from the queue aren’t shuffled all the way to the bottom of the list. This update is coming specifically for the competitive queue.

The video also talks about some communication wheel updates, with new lines that include a countdown, a command to fall back, or even to simply say “I’m sorry” or “Goodbye.” All of the new lines will be fully voiced, and the communication wheel will also be customizable to let players set up their most frequently used voice lines.

Finally, the Workshop is going to be getting some updates aimed at those who are able to script things for the mode. Specifics aren’t really available on this yet, as Kaplan admits most of the team are Workshop players not scripters, but options like having nighttime versions of Workshop modes are coming and a couple of the devs will be working with some of Overwatch’s more active scripters to determine what features should be added.

source: YouTube

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