Age of Conan’s Onslaught is live, the Funcom MMO’s ‘biggest update in years’


Back in 2018 and 2019, Funcom’s Age of Conan MMORPG – soon turning 12 years old, if you can believe it – ran the Saga of Blood, essentially a limited-time specialty server. It went over surprisingly well. It followed up with the Unconquered semi-permadeath mode. And then there was very little activity until earlier this spring, when we learned Funcom had returned its gaze to its second-oldest MMORPG to add a new group scenario called Onslaught. As of today, the new shinies are live – Funcom’s calling it “the biggest Age of Conan update in years.”

“Onslaught introduces a new game area based on Robert E. Howard’s Black Colossus (1933), one of the original short stories featuring Conan the Barbarian. Here, you will be faced with a new threat, as the ancient wizard Thugra Khotan has awoken after thousands of years and is seeking to fulfill his ambition of world domination. Waves of ferocious armies will charge at you on the steps of the great Ivory Dome of Kutchemes. The dome itself is said to contain unimaginable riches, but also a slumbering dread god. Players can also enjoy a new game mode, new quests, and a selection of new and exquisite weapons and armor, including powerful starmetal weapons and The Thugra Khotan Vanity Armor.”

Full content notes are up on the official site.

Source: Press release, official site
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