Astellia Online patches in advanced class flexibility and new Atra tonics


If you’ve ever been slaughtering you way through things in Astellia Online as a Berserker and found yourself thinking “this just isn’t me,” the game’s newest patch has a solution for you. The patch allows you to swap your advanced class when out of combat for 30,000 XP, so you can move on from being a Berserker and over into a Crusader if that’s more your speed. This coincides with a number of other changes, like enabling skill use while moving and a few skills shuffling their advanced class placement from one to another.

Atra tonics have also been overhauled somewhat, with a longer duration on existing tonics sitting in player inventories and a new tonic with an even longer duration being added. Add in some dungeon cost and reward adjustments, and while the patch doesn’t have any new content it should overall adjust the game’s current metagame… hopefully in a positive fashion. One wonders how this plays into the whole change in publishing with blockchain promotion that the game has going now, but perhaps that’s… best not to overthink.


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