Camelot Unchained talks about expanding its current test build, crafting issues, and PvE


As we’ve reported before, the current “slice” of Camelot Unchained is available to IT-level testers, and in a livestream this past Sunday, Mark Jacobs said that he hopes to get the build to alpha testers at some point this week; it might have gone out sooner, but an inventory bug effectively derailed those plans.

Later in the video, Jacobs talks about crafting in Camelot Unchained, with one player asking how crafting is coming along. Jacobs’ response: “Well and not well.” He admits that the majority of the development focus has been on classes, keeps, and combat, so the more pastoral forms of gameplay have gone on the back burner as a result. On the subject of classes, Jacobs brought up scout classes as the next trio of classes that will be worked on, though no specifics on them were brought up.

Another player question brought up the possibility of seeing PvE content in CU. Jacobs was non-committal here, mentioning that he likes PvE and wouldn’t mind it in his title but also bringing up the fact that he set out to make an RvR title. “Maybe one day I’ll do another PvE game, but I can guarantee you one thing: I won’t do it unless I have a finished engine ready to use,” he remarks.

The video was otherwise a round of questions and answers with viewers who often brought up questions of where CU stands now, bringing up the Colossus reveal, and even a suggestion to give out access to the game during the streams that Jacobs is holding. You can get the full video below or skim through this automated transcript if you don’t have an hour.

source: YouTube
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