PSA: Guild Wars 2 puts Path of Fire on sale, grants free cape, living story episodes, and XP boost


If you’ve been sitting around during quarantine wishing ArenaNet would put Guild Wars 2 on sale so you could jump in or pick up an expansion, today is your day. The Path of Fire upgrade, which also includes Heart of Thorns now, is on sale for $14.99 ($27.49 for the deluxe package). You can buy it direct from the official site or support MOP by using our affiliate link – either way, it’s a solid deal for that much content, even if you never touch the endgame.

Worth noting is that the expansion bundle doesn’t actually include all of the living story episodes unless you’ve been dutifully logging into your freebie account to collect them over the years. Consequently, ArenaNet is pushing out parts of the current “saga” season for free too, starting with the Bound by Blood prologue from today to May 4th, then Whisper in the Dark on May 5th, then Shadow in the Ice on May 12th. All you’ve got to do is log in and yoink it from the cash shop (for free) to unlock the content for your account, though you need the expansion to actually play through the episodes.

But wait, there’s more, including a free Prince Rurik cape in the cash shop in honor of Classic Guild Wars’ 15th birthday, plus some GW1-themed buyables and juicy buffs.

“We’ve also got an in-game buff to help speed you on your way, starting today! Enjoy an additional 30% Magic Find, 50% XP from all sources, 30% WvW Reward Track progress, and 30% PvP Reward Track progress.”

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