TERA added lockbox transparency and skill balance changes with this week’s patch


The newest patch for TERA is not really about content. Obviously, you can take a look at the full patch notes and find some content additions or improvements, though; that’s not what we mean. Rather, it’s simply that the focus of this particular patch is around two major arenas. The first is skill balancing, which adds new passive skills to several classes and gives players new modifications to several existing abilities. And the second? Lockbox transparency.

Lockboxes for the game will no longer feature guaranteed items or random consumables, replaced with Modular Chests that can offer a variety of useful items depending on which one is rewarded. The percentage chance for any given item in the lockbox will now be displayed, as well, with a new option to open multiple boxes in a batch. It still makes it something of a crapshoot trying to get something particularly valuable from the boxes, but at least now you know exactly how much of a crapshoot.


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