Bless Unleashed’s spring update adds two new dungeons, reward changes, and much more


Bless Unleashed is still trucking along over on Xbox One – indeed, today is patch day as the spring update is live for console players. “Featured in this update is an all new five person Dungeon, one Abyssal Dungeon, a new Blessing (Blind Executioner), player-driven quality of life enhancements and much more,” publisher Bandai Namco writes.

Those new dungeons are the level 36+ Dreamscale Ruins – Sundered Sanctuary and the level 35+ Savantis Mausoleum – Lich’s Respite. There’s also a new Living Legend trial, increased level scaling for XP and gold rewards, reduction in dungeon and battlefield penalties, boost for rewards in regional and crusade quests, fixes multiple bugs with the character creator, and gobs more. And as for the new blessing?

“The Blind Executioner Blessing is an embodiment of the memories of the brave defenders that fought against the Savantis during the first Nightspire incident. This Blessing allows the Pyreborn to better face multiple enemies at once as did the once powerful and courageous heroes. […] The Fragments for the Blind Executioner blessing can be purchased from the Warrior’s Talent Shop and acquired from 3 Abyssal Dungeon rewards. These fragments can be transferred in account storage, sold, or destroyed but cannot be listed in the marketplace. […] The reward for completing the Blind Executioner Blessing is a 3% reduction in PvP damage received.”

Check out the lengthy patch notes on the official site.

Source: Press release, patch notes

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Jack Pipsam

Their Twitter account is always retweeting people playing the game on stream, no idea if there’s a deal in place or not but there is still at least some interest in it.