DayZ developer shuts down its Bratislava studio, affirms it won’t affect development


Bohemia Interactive, the development studio behind DayZ, has officially announced on Twitter that its Bratislava, Slovakia, studio is being shut down. The decision is reportedly “a mutual decision between management and studio leads.”

If you’re curious about just what this studio was up to, they were the developers of Survivor GameZ, a standalone “enhanced PvP experience for DayZ players.” The game entered open alpha in July 2019 but was shut down in October, with the originally linked site now only stating that the game won’t be seen in the near future, although some elements may appear in other games.

As for what this closure means for DayZ itself, Bohemia Interactive insists in the Twitter announcement that future development won’t be affected. These plans were laid out in a dev blog this past January, which promise stability, bug fixing, gameplay improvements like better base building and quality-of-life features, and some small-scale content updates like more weapons, the return of broken body parts, and vehicle wrecks on Chernarus.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site (1, 2) via Gamasutra

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I long ago stopped caring whether this was ever going to complete or not. I’ve put down the money spent in the ‘got scammed, learn a lesson and move on’ column.


I had fun with it at times. My main issue was all the signs were in Russian. So it made the name’s of towns hard to pronounce.