Legends of Runeterra officially releases with a new set and talks about randomness in CCGs


Today is the day for Riot Games’ League of Legends digital CCG to officially exit beta as Legends of Runeterra has officially released, bringing along with it the Rising Tides set which features the Bilgewater region, 11 new Champions, a new board, and two new Guardians among other updates.

The 1.0 patch notes shared this past Monday breaks down all of the new features such as the game’s arrival to iOS and Android, login rewards for the first week, details on the new Ranked season, expedition archetypes, and more. There’s also, of course, the FAQ that we’ve mentioned before that should address any other questions or concerns.

One concern that comes to many minds when it comes to CCGs is how much randomness plays a factor, and a dev blog from the Rising Tides design lead Alexzandros “Careless Whisper” Lee is focused solely on this matter. While there are elements of chance that are inherent in CCGs like where cards fall when they’re shuffled and what sort of deck an opponent has, the balance between healthy randomness and unhealthy randomness ultimately comes from whether players can adapt and how much impact certain cards make. It’s a pretty insightful read, and also has a look at some of the Bilgewater region cards as well.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)

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Oleg Chebeneev

Tried it. This game is so well made. I mean overal design, effects, art, music… everything is top notch. Still trying to learn mechanics