Bored during lockdown? Elder Scrolls Online and New World suggest MMO coloring books


I need some wholesome MMO stuff to start the month: Why not join in the coloring book fun with MMOs? This is a real thing that is happening and we’re here for it.

Elder Scrolls Online did it first, with four big printable spreads from Greymoor. “Coloring is fun at any age,” the team declared on twitter. That team is right.

Then Amazon dipped its toe in with some sheets from New World in celebration of Crayola Day, which was apparently April 25th. “They are concepts of defensive weapons for Fortress walls,” Amazon said, deadpan. “They drop oil and fire on the unfortunate players below.” Festive!

And it’s not an MMO, but it’s right on theme here: MOP reader MySecretID pointed us to tabletop game publisher Chaosium, which has put its Cthulhu coloring book up as a free PDF too. These might be less kid-friendly, but this isn’t for the kids – this is for you.


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Bruno Brito

Wait. WAIT.

Doesn’t the virus stay alive for three days on paper, cardboard and such?

Malcolm Swoboda

That kind of misrepresents the situation. Between time of production, shipping and delivering, and your eventual usage – and that touch contact is much different and much safer than direct contact with an infected person – the risk is near nil, from what I’ve seen.

More concerning would be the delivery packages.

Toy Clown

I ordered a paint-by-number set from Amazon and when I found out about ESO’s coloring pages, printed those out. They’re sitting on my desk currently. I’ll probably order a nice box of crayons next!

Fenrir Wolf

I’m quietly hoping that ArenaNet will follow suit…

Axetwin .

Oh, for a second there I thought this was an online game, and I was super intrigued by the idea. Now I’m just disappointed. :-/


Well, New World isn’t even out so I guess coloring books is a legitimate option. It’s either that or ESO so I’d have to choose coloring books (even without crayons) any day of the week.