Conan Exiles shows off follower changes and Architect of Argos items in a livestream


A recent livestream from Conan Exiles had a lot of things to show off for fans of the survival sandbox, with some looks ahead to follower changes, the items arriving with the recently leaked Architect of Argos DLC, and a few words about the Testlive PTS environment among other things.

In terms of followers, there will be a new command system that can be used via a radial menu or keyboard shortcuts that lets players issue commands to their follower, including attack commands, return commands, and moving to an area among other commands. The “dream” is that players will be able to command armies, but that is only a pipe dream now and not something that’s close to reality; for now, players will have to make do with ordering one person around. This so-called “Followers II” patch has been added to and revised in Testlive, and is due to release on Thursday, May 7th.

On the subject of Testlive, the devs explained that they’re using the test environment differently, with longer test sessions and more feedback collection in order to make sure patches are as ironed out as possible. This does mean that there will be longer spans of time before new content updates come out, but it appears to be a question of quality over quantity.

The stream then moved on to a look at a wide swath of items that will be included in the Architect of Argos DLC, including armors, weapons, horse armors, and a bevy of building items all inspired by ancient Greek (or more lore-appropriately Aquilonian) architecture. One of the building features coming with this DLC are modular columns, which can be built with bottom, middle, and top sections. The stream then closes with a player Q&A session.

You can get a complete look at the full livestream below or read through this in-depth summary.

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