Elite Dangerous is delaying its Next Era content into 2021


Still having fun in the fleet carriers beta for Elite Dangerous? Well, get comfy, because while that’s already suffered one delay and is still on track now, the roadmap is seeing quite a bit of revision, which is going to impact the long-awaited “Next Era” update for the game, pushing it to next year.

“[D]uring this uncertain period, we’ve also had to re-examine our longer term roadmap and make some adjustments. To ensure that we can bring you an incredible new Elite Dangerous experience without compromising the team who work at Frontier, the Next Era release date will move slightly from December 2020 to early 2021. We haven’t made this shift lightly, but it has been made with both the team and the game’s best interest at heart. We know that many of you are eager to hear more about the Next Era of Elite Dangerous and, despite this shift in release date, our schedule to bring you news and details about the future hasn’t changed, so keep an eye on all of our channels for more information in the coming months!”

While we don’t know exactly what’s coming with Next Era, a supposed leak of an internal roadmap last year makes it seem like a pretty hefty addition to the game, including spacelegs, which tracks with how many people had been moved from the team to work on it.


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Kvarin Sunermidst

They’re actually going to begin work on a Warhammer video game adaptation.

FDev needs to just give it up at this point. It’s a charade. They don’t have any real intentions of actually improving Elite. It was simply the cash cow needed to allow them to take on other projects.

They’ll jump at the opportunity to make anything with an established IP behind it already.

I feel bad for elite faithful. FDev rode their wallets into the dark and don’t ever plan on returning to the bubble.


Yikes. The drought continues! But at least FDev had a convenient excuse built-in this time.

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Honestly even with covid 19 I would have been shocked if this wasn’t always going to be on the cards for new era. Oh well ….. sighs