EVE Online looks back at the death of the first Titan and elaborates on the benefit of in-game loss

Things get blown up in EVE Online. Whether it’s part of a massive war or just some player getting tackled and spaced for flying in the wrong place at the wrong time, loss of assets and ships is going to happen. However, according to CCP Games CEO Hilmar Petursson during a presentation at GamesBeat Summit 2020, it’s that loss that drives players in New Eden forward.

“It’s often this element of a devastating loss that becomes a turning point for people in EVE Online. By losing your spaceship or making a mistake that costs you everything that you’ve earned so far, if you have the social support to get out of that, that’s really when you start to become an EVE player for real.”

That social support is the important piece of the puzzle, as Petursson explains that players will often band together and end up helping one another in times of major losses, and these self-identifying “helpers” are far more numerous than the killers according to Petursson. “In a game that has so many opportunities for mistakes and loss, that is where helpers thrive. And when we look at the people who identify as helpers, we see they have the highest engagement,” he notes.

On the subject of major losses, Wednesday, April 29th, marked the 14-year anniversary of the destruction of the first-ever Titan, the wreckage of which can still be found in-game today. CCP Games marked the occasion with a look back at a retrospective piece that was written on the event’s 10th anniversary.

Speaking of events, the Skillers in the Abyss event, which tasks players with taking on daily challenges in Abyssal Deadspace for Skill Point rewards, has been extended another week, now ending on Monday, May 11th, instead of Monday, May 4th.


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Oleg Chebeneev

I rememeber reading about it when it was hot news. Im getting old.
Btw is it special wreck to honor the first titan kill, or every titan leaves permanent wreck when destroyed? Can you salvage titan wreck?

Kickstarter Donor

All wrecks can be salvaged, yes. And they are, usually within seconds after the thing blew up because that stuff is pretty valuable.

When salvaged the wreck disappears immediately. Even if not salvaged they vanish after a while though (don’t know the exact duration). CCP has to work some magic to make wrecks like Steve’s stay in the game forever.