Final Fantasy XI’s anniversary content is being pushed to the future from its May update

Like a boss.

May is the month of Final Fantasy XI’s anniversary, but the content that was meant to accompany it is going to have to wait a bit longer. Indeed, the monthly update that will arrive for the game in May is the bare minimum, without job changes or anything more than the usual rotation of Ambuscade content. And there’s a good reason for that, the same reason a lot of things have been delayed: because the team is working from home right now and had to adjust.

The plan is still to deliver a nice slice of anniversary content and get home development steaming along, but it has meant that the usual anniversary content will have to wait just a bit longer. Apologies are offered to fans, but it will no doubt be worth the wait. For now, prepare for the usual rotations and just settle in until the big update arrives soon.


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Remaster and rerelease the whole collection for PS4! Or PS5 :P

Andrew Clear

Very understandable since the development tools still rely on ps2 dev kits. They really need to update those tools, so it doesn’t have to rely on those kits anymore. Issue is probably with reallocating resources to do that, while still trying t9 de,over content in the game.