Sea of Thieves tunes down Emissary progression and rewards in its latest patch


Players of Sea of Thieves have been diving into the new Emissary progression system added with the Ships of Fortune update, but the devs at Rare Ltd. think some tuning is needed for this new form of rep grind, which brings us to the most recent patch.

For the most part, the adjustments are on the nerf side of the scale, with Reaper’s Bones Emissaries seeing less gold and rep earned for turning in high-grade Emissary Flags but more gold and rep for low-grade Flags, reduced rep from treasure turn-ins, and a downwards adjustment to Emissary Grade advancement via loot.

Athena’s Fortune Emissaries are getting a nerfing as well in the form of a need to perform more actions to advance their Emissary Grade and sail for longer distances to earn their Grade 5 legendary rewards. Finally, the gold and reputation awarded when ending an Emissary session via the voting table has now been reduced across all Emissary Grades and Trading Companies.

The patch also addresses a number of issues and applies several fixes to the game, so make sure to look over the whole update to see what’s new this time around.


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Have they added meaning to this game yet or is it still just a bunch of cosmetics and pointless rep systems?


Apparently folks were just zooming to Tier 5 Emissary with ease, so it sounded like a nerf was pretty much bound to happen. Ofc that does nothing to change things for the folks who already reached it while the gains were good.

Also the Reaper’s Bones rep apparently let you still get rep/etc off of simply doing your own turn-ins, making alliance servers a super easy way to get that up.