Star Citizen puts an end to surprise sandwiches, shows off comm calls in Squadron 42


Star Citizen released its alpha 3.9 this week, and with it came a rather interesting bug: Whenever someone would quick-buy a food item, anyone else in the immediate vicinity would suddenly get that item in their hand as well. This would be generally amusing if it also didn’t end up charging those nearby players the cost of the item, and so it was moved along the Issue Council, which was one of the subjects of this week’s ISC video.

The Issue Council is another one of CIG’s five-dollar terms, which means “bug reporting,” though this particular bug reporting function does have additional features that let others contribute to existing bugs, note whether they can replicate the bug, and vote on which bugs should take fixing priority. In this case, the video tracked the elevation of this quick-buy bug from initial reporting to developer fixing. So no more surprise sandwiches for players, hopefully.

The video then went into a look at how intercom works in Squadron 42. As per usual CIG protocol, full immersion and attention to granular details is the watchword; instead of simply playing pre-recorded and static video clips, care is taken to ensure live cameras in various ships are set up, with the right angles and proper lighting of faces. This also means that attacking a ship is rendered in real-time during video comms. Which is either extremely important for immersion or just feature bloat, depending on whom you talk to.

source: YouTube
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