Hearthstone’s subreddit melted down over the Demon Hunter class

Presumably, the Carl's Jr. cups were unceremoniously thrown out


What are your thoughts on the Hearthstone Demon Hunter? Do you have strong opinions about its power level? Then you likely are in good company over on the game’s subreddit, which is full of people who are pretty salty over the class, which readers will recall was added with April’s Ashes of Outland expansion.

Things have gotten so bad that the moderators of the subreddit at one point put a wholesale stop to custom card posts, most of which were being spammed as players protest against the Demon Hunter.

As of this writing, the Blizzard devs of Hearthstone have been pretty mum about the subject. That said, there is at least one person who likes the class. Which, naturally, invited people to tell them how wrong they are. If you’re among those playing the new Hearthstone class, feel free to share your own opinions in our comments.

source: Reddit

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Daniel Reasor

“The new stuff is overpowered” has been the foundation of Hearthstone’s business model since the first expansion. “The new stuff” currently includes a character class.


It’s been Blizzard’s business model since at least death knights (Cf monks and dh’s, and, I expect any future added classes).

Yet people keep handing them money, so ultimately it must not be that impactful or they’d change their habits.


Demon hunter is way overpowered and overtuned. It’s dominating wild where the other 9 classes have more than quadruple the number of cards to build decks from. That’s insane and a clear indication the cards are way too strong. And that’s after its already been nerfed twice.