Animal Crossing player recreates Disney’s Haunted Mansion


Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a total nut for Disney’s Haunted Mansion. It’s pretty much my favorite theme park ride of all time, and I’ve pretty much memorized the entire soundtrack script from having listened to it so much.

Of course, with the parks closed right now, it’s not possible to go on the ride in person — but that didn’t stop one superfan from turning his Animal Crossing New Horizons island into a pretty faithful recreation of the Haunted Mansion, complete with the wallpaper, pet cemetery, seance room, ballroom, and (naturally) creepy attic.

New Horizons is turning out to be one of the more social games of the year because of things like this. Check out MOP Andrew’s look at how the game blew up thanks to its online elements.

Source: Twitter

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