City of Titans previews its UE4 engine upgrade and dungeon architect tool


The dev team of City of Titans has checked in with a quick update on what it’s working on next as well as a word on how they’re coping with the ongoing pandemic. For the most part, their usual development setup hasn’t changed since the team consisted of volunteers working remotely already, but the effects of things like school closures and team members who are essential workers has still had its challenges.

That said, work on the game is continuing in earnest. One of the first matters brought up is the game’s upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.24, which among other updates brings the Niagara visual effects system which also allows a new physics system to be used, tools to make map creation easier, and a Timesynth coding feature that makes it easier to sync audio cues.

The letter also mentions the use of a dungeon architect tool, which will allow the team to quickly create mission maps by simply entering in a set of parameters. This new tool will let the devs create approximately 90% of the mission maps within minutes.

“Most of what we’ve just discussed is work that needs to be done to build a solid foundation for the rest of the game,” explains the post. “We’re not able to show you much of what all that means until we can connect all the pieces together, but when we’re able to show you, we will.”


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The City

Games like City of Titans, Valiance Online and Ship of heroes give crowd funded games a bad name. Why are we still talking engine upgrades in 2020?

Dug From The Earth

Some animations would do wonders….. still shots are only half truths

Unless its that image used at the top of the article, in which case they didnt need UE4 to produce something so basic.

Nathaniel Downes

To clarify, Dungeon Architect is not a new tool, nor is it ours. It is a third party tool created by Code Respawn available for both Unreal and Unity. We mentioned it as an example of the kinds of tools which drive our upgrade process.

Kickstarter Donor
Ken from Chicago

Slow and steady wins the race.


Only if the finish line does not keep moving farther and farther down the course (looking at YOU Star Citizen)!