EverQuest, EverQuest II devs talk up expansions, TLE set bonuses, and server merges

Still struggling.

The developers of EverQuest and EverQuest II are a pretty chatty bunch, it seems. For one thing, you’ve got the latest episode of Kander’s Candor, which took player questions about things like the removal of set bonuses from the Kaladim TLE server, Veteran’s Rewards, and spell effects.

Next up we’ve got The EverQuest Show, which gleefully tap dances on the landmine topic of which EverQuest expansions were the best and lists them in a personal top 10. We’re sure that won’t incite strong opinions whatsoever. The video also has a word with the devs about the Torment of Velious expansion.

Finally, there’s an announcement of upcoming server merges coming Wednesday, May 20th. Lockjaw will merge with Ragefire, Trakanon and Fippy will merge with Vox, and Brekt will merge with FV. This will require a 24-hour downtime beginning on May 19th, so make sure you’re prepared. You can also read up on an FAQ and other details in the announcement link.

sources: EQII official site, EQ official site, YouTube thanks flatline!

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I made a couple of characters in EQ II back before it became “Daybreak Games.” Pretty sure I had access due to having a Lifetime Subscription to DCUO, which for a little while translated into a Lifetime SOE pass. (I think?) It didn’t really click for me. I guess if there are server merges though then I don’t need to worry about picking it up again. Odds are that if they’re being fair to active players then mine will be wiped or “un-named” anyway.


Ask 1000 eq players and you get 999 different opinions.

Obviously I only list facts, so the best 5 eq expansions are:
Luclin – AA (single reason eq survived this long), and beastlords, new models, and the list just goes on.
PoP – so good, so much content, both made the game big and small at the same time.
Velious – Most memorable content in eq history
LDoN – probably the best addition to the core game
Kunark – Iksar, epics . Nothing super special but it has to be in the top5
OOW – probably should have been in the top 5, but … Can’t possibly remove any of those already there.

After OOW, it was downhill from there.. might be the expansions were ok content wise, but the entire core game of what was eq was destroyed in the time following.