Legends of Aria patches monthly goals, lets players go berserk in Chaos Zones

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Sometimes, you just gotta cut loose and smash every digital face your avatar sees, and now players of Legends of Aria will be able to do just that consequence-free with Chaos Zones, which are one of the features being added in patch 9.5.

Chaos Zones are pretty much what they sound like: A zone of chaos where players will effectively be flagged as Chaotic and can attack one another at-will without any loss of skills upon death and no murder counts added to their character. What’s more, these areas will allow players to earn tokens towards their season PvP reward. Chaos Zones will be moving around the map during PvP seasons, so players will want to pay attention on where to go (or avoid).

If you’d rather not have your character go into a blind, murderous rage, this patch also introduces monthly “season” goals for every type of playstyle, be it PvE, PvP, or crafting. These seasons will have themes that change from month to month, and promise unique or repeatable PvE, crafting, harvesting, or Chaos Zone content in return for points that can be redeemed to unlock three tiers of monthly reward, the first of which appearing to be a unique mount.

Information on this patch can be read on either the announcement post or the patch notes.


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lucas daush

Im sure the 14 ppl still playing this massive pile of steaming shit will appreciate this patch..

Robert Mann

Ah, yes. They are still trying to figure out how to get PvE and PvP interests to align in the open world. The potential of this game was the small private servers that could be travelled between, giving people a chance to have shared spaces across several of them that they could do fun things together with… or as a dedicated old school type game for one or the other.

Swapping back and forth, and burning every bridge possible with those who either want FFA or consensual only is merely going to ensure they fail to get interest from those groups in future games. It’s building a LACK of trust.


Citadel Studios’ path to success:

1) Shit on your original backers by switching away from the heavy focus on customizable private servers promised with Shards Online.

2) Shit on your PvP players by switching away from open PvP to heavy PvE with very limited PvP to get some sales on Steam.

3) Shit on your new PvE players by switching back to an even more open PvP setting when your Steam release flops.

4) Shit on all your current and potential players by releasing paid DLC while your original, incomplete, bug-riddled game is still in early access.

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5) Profit? Oh, wait, nope not this for sure.