Trove’s Delves update is live for PC players today with new delve mode and Tomb Raiser revamp

Whoa, when Gamigo said it was launching Trove’s Delves expansion/update “this spring,” we didn’t realize that it meant “basically now.” And yes, it’s officially live for players, moving from the PTS to the live PC servers as of today (we assume console will follow). As we’ve previously covered, this update guts Shadow Tower, but mostly for a good cause, exchanging the extreme lag and server issues of the popular content for the titular delve system.

“Utilizing a powerful AI, players are transported to the depths of Geode in groups of up to eight players or solo, tailored to match their personal power level. Each of the three Delves modes is unique and offers a variety of challenges for brave players. After solving them, battle-hungry warriors and their allies can face dangerous bosses and venture deeper and deeper into the mysterious caves. In Challenge-Delves, victors are immortalized on the Leaderboard – at least until a new challenger claims this honour. As with all good things in Trove, with great risk comes great reward. Popular challenge rewards formerly earned by completing Shadow Tower challenges have been moved to Delves and a new tier of gear (Crystal 4) awaits discovery. The Delves update brings even more exciting changes to the game. For instance, the Tomb Raiser class has been enhanced and overhauled for pure soul-summoning combat power.”

The video popped up last week, but here it is one more time for a quick recap!

Source: Press release

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