EA delivers solid Q1 2020, YOY revenue increases, and a promise of game upgrades for next-gen consoles

I blew things up!

Activision-Blizzard beat revenue expectations for the first quarter of 2020, so it won’t surprise anyone to learn that EA did too. But while revenue was still down year-over-year for Activision, the same wasn’t true of EA, which turned in a 12% YOY total net revenue increase and 14.4% YOY digital net revenue increase. The upturn is COVID-19-influenced, of course, and is a result of multiple franchises, including FIFA 20, Madden NFL 20, Apex Legends, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and even The Sims 4.

Like Acti-Blizz, EA devotes a great deal of space and time to its efforts dealing with the pandemic. “Substantially all of our global workforce has shifted to work from home, and our primary focus continues to be the safety and well-being of our employees,” the company says. “Our IT, security and digital platform teams mobilized to add capacity to our remote working systems to scale to a fully distributed workforce. Throughout this time, our studio teams have continued to deliver live service content while working from home. […] With more people staying at home, we have experienced, and are continuing to experience, heightened levels of engagement and live services net bookings growth to date.”

During the EA conference call last night, the company told analysts that current-gen console games can be “upgraded free” for next-gen hardware, which we presume means the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. As GamesRadar noted, it’s not immediately clear how that will be achieved, though if backwards compatibility is in the cards, that’d be a huge boon to MMOs and other online titles.


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Bruno Brito

Fuck this company and everything it represents, and all the sheep that follow through with keeping this filth up top.

May i live long enough to see it crash, burn, explode and become complete dust.

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Jack Pipsam

Xbox has this smart delivery thing, so the idea is that if developers support the feature that the game will give you the best version of that game based on the device you have.
So the example often given is for the new Halo, if you buy it on Xbox One it’ll give you that version, but if you have a Series X then it’ll download extra stuff to take advantage of it. But if you don’t want/need 4K textures, then it won’t bother downloading that for you. Cyberpunk is also meant to take advantage of it.

With this system in place publishers who choose to charge twice for the same game like last time will stand out like a sore thumb for not taking advantage of this kind of thing. And of course if you do it for Xbox, it’ll look strange to charge for PlayStation.

The other advantage of course is native crossplay, if we are really going “beyond generations” as they once talked about, then playerbases don’t need to be split between the console generation gap either.

Danny Smith

I think at least the first 9 months of the new consoles are going to be a lot of companies doing what Square did with FFXIV: sell new copies in the new case but for anyone who already bought it they get it digitally and thats going to pad a LOT of both consoles libraries till they have something to actually sell them on.

That and a lot of overheating issues.


Both new consoles Xbox and Playstation said that their next gen consoles will be completely compatible with games in the current generation. This means companies don’t have to worry about updating their games again for a whole new console since it’s still supporting the same over all game.

Robert Mann

Fools, their money, an old saying, and EA. What more do I need to say?

I mean, if they were the last game company on Earth I would… probably be playing old games and having fun instead of bothering with them.


How dare people spend money on games they enjoy.

Dug From The Earth

Maybe because it tells the companies selling the games to you that you are still willing to pay fool price (or more) for a mediocre product.

We get it, gamers like games.

But as long as gamers are willing to settle for anything but good, well made games… as long as gamers are willing to struggle and settle with half arsed products, to squeeze out the little bit of enjoyment out of them that they can… all we can ever expect from companies like EA, is garbage.

Robert Mann

That’s not the problem. The problem is that people are running out and buying games that are constantly underwhelming, with an ever increasing amount of shady business. Where I’m all for people buying things they enjoy… I cannot see what people enjoy about half-done products from a AAA developer that are blatant money grabs.

Thus why I do not believe the argument you made fits here.


Better half done projects from an AAA developer then the ever growing list of failed kickstarted games that are never completed.

After getting burned on multiple crowdfunding projects I will say publishers aren’t so bad after all. I imagine many people feel this way as well.