En Masse celebrates TERA’s eighth birthday with supercute dragon baby pets

May is TERA’s anniversary month – on PC, specifically – and En Masse is now rolling out the red carpet for the next few weeks. “Following a recent update focused on balance and quality of life improvements, the publisher is taking the milestone to deliver upon a long-requested community demand: More Chupathingies!” In short, the hypercute dragonlings are now minipets players can actually snag, but you’ll have to do some legwork to get one.

“The adorable creatures have stolen player’s hearts since the game launched in 2012, mesmerizing them with their doe-like eyes and near permanent look of shock on their faces as they laze around their aquatic homes. Finally, players will be able to earn a Chupathingy pet of their own to accompany them on their travels! Throughout the month of May select dungeons have a chance to drop a Chupatoken when defeating the final bosses, which players can use to purchase anything from enchanting scrolls and other useful in-game items to the prized Chupathingy pet in either the classic blue and a neon red variety.”

En Masse has likewise set up special events for the next four weekends, including experience and drop bonuses.

MOP’s Stream Team hopped back into the game last week to kick off the fun; you can get caught up on the current game right here.

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