Fallout 76 players come together to aid an in-game doctor with real-life medical needs

Fallout 76 players come together to aid an in-game doctor with real-life medical needs

Members of the Fallout 76 PS4 community are likely familiar with Brent “CJ Martin” Fairchild, a person who roleplays as an in-game doctor. Dr. CJ often plies that persona by providing stimpacks, radiation treatment, and other services, setting up field hospitals near blast zones, and even fostering a community of players who provide everything from food and clean water to help with endgame content.

Fairchild himself, however, suffered a real-life problem when his house caught fire this past Saturday. Fairchild was able to pull his wife and child from the fire, but he suffered first and second degree burns to his hands, face and feet as well as severe smoke inhalation in the process. The event prompted players to create a GoFundMe page, which simply asked for $1,000 but instead raised over $9,000.

Fairchild was airlifted to the Jefferson Burn Center in Philadelphia, where he received treatment and was discharged as of yesterday. The family now deals with the matters of their damaged home and insurance, but he reportedly is in good spirits though also in pain and remarked that he wishes he recalled his first helicopter ride. Fairchild also was emotional from the outpouring of support, stating, “I can still press X though, so this won’t keep me from making up stims for y’all!”

source: GoFundMe via Polygon

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I hope his recovery goes well. With the severity of those burns it is going to be a long and painful one. But hopefully with a great support system, the love and care from family, and maybe the levity and preoccupation of a few games the doc will soon be back on his feet.

Such a sad and yet uplifting story.

God speed through this trying time, doc!


A little reminder that people are pretty cool.


It is always lovely to see when a group of people rally so unselfishly around someone in need.