Grim Dawn shows off some new Crucibles and details epic items upgrading to mythic level


With the next update to Grim Dawn leering overhead, the devs at Crate Entertainment have been eager to pull back some of the curtain on what’s next. The latest such reveal is all about some new Crucibles coming to the game as well as some old epics getting a new mythic lease on life.

For those unfamiliar, the Crucible is effectively an arena where players can test their character against waves of enemies in one of three difficulty modes. The Crucible has seen only one update via the Ashes of Malmouth DLC in the form of two new arenas, but v1.1.7.0 will be introducing several more, with locations in a bog and some creepy woods, as well as Crucibles that take place in the stars or the crags for those who own the Forgotten Gods expansion.

The next update will also inject some fresh life into over 30 base game epic items, transforming them into new mythic-level variants and adding them to the Forgotten Gods loot pool. This update, along with planned tweaks to monster infrequents, aims to make drops a lot more rewarding.

As for when this update will arrive, the post offers a launch window of late May or early June. Until then, you can get a sneak peek of the upcoming Crucibles in the gallery below.

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