MMO fan creates an infographic to help you choose a game


With such a wide field of MMORPGs out there, it may be pretty daunting to figure out where to start — or where to go next. One Reddit user decided to help fellow gamers by creating a guide to the 10 most actively populated MMORPGs, complete with population numbers and a handy flow chart to guide your decision.

It’s an interesting chart that’s probably more helpful for newbies than anyone who’s been around the MMO block. We have no idea where this author was getting these population numbers, and it should be noted that some games (such as Path of Exile, Old School RuneScape, Warframe, Star Citizen, and Neverwinter) are missing when they should probably be present.

Looking for alternative guides to help you find a good MMO home? Check out Massively OP’s lists of the healthiest MMOs, best value MMOs, top MMOs of all time, and the best MMOs of last year.

Made an infographic to help you choose your next MMORPG! [OC] from MMORPG

Source: Reddit
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