Torchlight III makes big changes to skills and skill points in the latest beta update


Previously, if you wanted to get some fresh skills in Torchlight III, you had to spend skill points to open up the next tier of fun buttons to press. With the game’s latest mainline patch, that entire system is being tossed out of the window: Now players will get new skills every five levels, meaning skill points can be applied voluntarily. Players may want to sit on those skill points as well, as there will now be a total of 60 points instead of 100 points to spend.

In addition to this new skill system, the update has shuffled many skills around, opening up three new skills at a time. This is the first pass of these adjustments, with more planned in the coming weeks as the devs watch how class gameplay unfolds. As a result of these wholesale changes to skills, players will have their characters automatically respec’d in order to allocate their new points and create their own builds.

Speaking of class changes, the patch has also made a variety of adjustments, with particular attention paid to the Forged and the Sharpshooter classes. There’s a number of other updates as well, so be sure to read through for all of the hard details.

source: Steam

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Dug From The Earth

I hope the designers dont strain themselves too hard… it must be putting a real creativity strain on their development process to have to manage and maintain 7 skills per talent tree. Especially when there are TWO whole talent trees unique to each of the FOUR classes.