The Division 2 is balancing enemies and reanimating the dead in Update 9.1 on May 12

This could be darker.

The Division 2 has put out another State of the Game livestream, and this one is all about the features of Update 9.1, which is due to arrive on May 12th. This update is mostly focused on balance, with a huge array of adjustments coming to various NPC skills, weapons, and abilities that are causing difficulty spikes. These adjustments are reportedly the first wave, and they’re all outlined in a summary post.

The update will also kick off a new global event that basically involves zombies. The Reanimated Global Event will cause enemies to get back up after being taken down, albeit with lower health. The surest way to stop enemies from reanimating is to take them down with a headshot, though doing so will cause corrosive brain matter to appear and infect anyone nearby. Those who take part in this global even will earn unique rewards, but the event can be toggled off in the Global Events settings if you’re the sort who is just exhausted of zombies.

The livestream also talks about things like bug fixes in its priority alerts segment, Season 1 Manhunt targets, and the Season 1 Home League. You can watch the complete stream below or just read the bullet points.


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This article is slightly inaccurate… the Global Event has already started on 5/5 and will end on 5/12.


This is going to be amazing. Really loving this game right now. Hope they keep pumping out new content.

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Lots of good nerfs/fixes to enemy behavior/damage/accuracy which should be good. And yay for the end of the manhunt.

Eager to see how it plays with these changes. Still needs a lot of work, but depending on how/how much these aspects got nerfed it could open up more opportunities for different builds. Thankfully I’ve managed to get off the M1A Classic train (MK17 with Boomerang, and it’s loads of fun) so I hope I’ll be safe when the hammer eventually drops on that.

Still can’t believe they ever gave enemies that much blindfire and throw accuracy to begin with, it’s freakin insane.