RuneScape talks about what’s next after Archaeology, Old School kicks off the Deadman Mode Tournament


Now that the Arcaheology skill is out in the wilds of RuneScape (as well as the subject of several weekly tune-ups), Jagex has decided to take a quick look at what the game’s next big update will be. The topic was touched on during a recent devstream, which hinted at something called Dig Deep War, considered a variety of ways to move Archaeology forward, and promised improvements to skilling, quests, and combat. Overall the devs are looking to keep up their strong quarterly cadence and have been bolstered by Archaeology’s success. You can find the full video embedded below or read the TL;DW.

In other RuneScape news, the long-awaited double XP event is officially live. The link has a number of details for how it all works, but in short, players have between now and May 18th to login and get 48 hours’ worth of double XP to use over the next 10 days. This XP can be applied to every skill with the exception of Archaeology.

Finally, Old School RuneScape has officially started this year’s Deadman Mode Tournament. Players with a membership can log in to any DMM worlds and take part until Saturday, May 30th, where the permadeath stage will take place to determine the winner. This year’s tournament will not only give cash and hardware prizes to the winners, but will also hand out £25,000 (over $30K USD) to mental health charities CPSL Mind, the Prince’s Trust, and You Are RAD. There’s also some adjustments to prevent “boxing” and some double loot from different bosses every weekend, so those who want to take part will want to read up.

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